Event Overview:

During the minting event, participants will have the opportunity to purchase CAT++ tokens. Each set will consist of 15,000 CAT++, and each participant will be allowed to purchase up to a maximum of 10 sets at the price of 300 CKB per set. This event is structured to ensure fair distribution, allowing more participants to engage with the CAT++ ecosystem.

Participation Rules:

  1. Single Minting Opportunity: Each participant is allowed to mint only once during the event to ensure broader access to the token.

  2. Set Purchase Limit: Participants can buy a minimum of 1 set and a maximum of 10 sets, subject to availability within the total allocation of 25,000 sets.

  3. Payment Method: All payments must be made in CKB (Nervos Network's native currency).

Minting Even has been finished. Thanks for joining this event!

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