Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How long does an order take? When should I contact support?

A: Creating a sell order usually takes about half an hour to list on MarCat. Creating a buy order or unlisting may take up to one hour to complete the distribution process. You should contact support in the following cases:

  • If the related BTC transaction has been completed for one hour without updates.

  • For a sell order, if the "My Listing" tab does not show any records and the "Buy" tab does not display your order.

  • For a buy order or unlisting, if you have not received your RGB++ assets after 2 hours.

Q: Why is there a service fee for unlisting and buying?

A: Unlisting and buying involve handling UTXOs related to L1 Bitcoin transactions. Our fee rate is around 1.5 times the current fastest fee to ensure the quickest transaction speed and to accommodate fluctuations in Bitcoin transaction fees over short periods.

Q: Why should I choose MarCat over other DEXs?

A: Our service fee is fixed at the current fee rate, which can make the cost of buying lower in some scenarios. For example, during periods of low Bitcoin transaction activity, the processing fee remains fixed at around $3 regardless of the amount of RGB++ assets traded.

Q: Are there any incentives for trading on MarCat?

A: Yes, we are building a trading leaderboard, and eligibility for our future events will reference this leaderboard.

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